When the Lights
Go Out

the Experience

It’s what happens inside our dreams, between the sheets and in the secrets that we keep. An immersive show with elements of cabaret and acrobatics. The show explores the space we inhabit on the edge of being awake and asleep, where reality and fantasy blend. It is here you are free to indulge your deepest secrets, fears, and desires. Create your own make believe.

the Concept

Set at “The Broken Dreams Motel”.. inside the broken mind of an electrician, characters awake inside his head when the lights go “out.”

sneaky Peak

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stills of Beauty & Madness

the Tickets

Our first return performance opens in April 2022. Buy tickets using the link below.

the Destination

Presented in the exclusive and hidden WonderHouse in Ventura, California.

2359 Knoll Drive
Ventura, CA 93003

the Puppeteers

Kerrilee Gore – Writer, Creative Director, Executive Producer

Jason & Valeree Young of 8 & 1 Productions – Directors, Choreographers, Producers

Gregg Curtis of The Lemurians – Creative Producer

Photography by Travis Shinn 

Cinematography by Jeremy Danger 

Costumes by Jessica Huerta & Kerrilee Gore

Prop Master – Scott Rouleau

the Newsletter